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St. Louis Pooper Scooper Finds Cash In Dog Waste

St Louis, MO—June 15, 2010—Waste not, want not: A pooper scooper in St. Louis had a tough decision to make recently, as he found himself staring down at a cash-packed pile of dog doo, weighing his options.

"I wasn't really sure what to do at first - I'd never seen anything like it before," says Steve Wilson, who works for DoodyCalls Pet Waste Removal in the St Louis area.

The bills, totaling $58, were extracted and sanitized, placed in a plastic zip-locked baggie and returned to the customer. Although the money was ripped and torn, the serial numbers were clearly identifiable, meaning they could be returned to any US bank and replaced with crisp new tender.

According to the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (APAWS), Wilson is the first pooper scooper to ever find and report cash in dog poop.

A reward was offered by the customer, but politely declined.


Marc Samson
DoodyCalls, Director of PR
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