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Don’t misinterpret that wagging tail, Fido may not be happy to see you!!! Most people assume that when a dog is wagging its tail it’s happy to see them, but that is not always the case. Dogs use their tail to communicate, where it is positioned and how they are wagging it can tell you READ MORE>>

Standing in the aisle staring at all the choices of cat litter can be overwhelming. Natural, Clay or Crystal? Clumping or Non-Clumping? Scented or Unscented? Where to begin? Hopefully this will help you narrow down your decision. Natural, Clay or Crystal? Two common choices for natural litter are pine pellets or corn.  Some brands may READ MORE>>

  February is a month all about love. People are sending roses to each other, kids are making hearts, but how is your dog saying I love you. New research suggests that dogs do in fact experience feelings of love and affection. Scientist have begun studying the brain of dogs with the use of an READ MORE>>

Your cat may speak a different language than your cat but you can still communicate with each other. Cats are often alone and can go for long periods of time without interaction but they will use body language when they want to communicate with you. When your cat is very happy they will do something READ MORE>>