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You just got that new kitten and not sure what type of litter to use…

Standing in the aisle staring at all the choices of cat litter can be overwhelming. Natural, Clay or Crystal? Clumping or Non-Clumping? Scented or Unscented? Where to begin? Hopefully this will help you narrow down your decision.

Natural, Clay or Crystal?

Two common choices for natural litter are pine pellets or corn.  Some brands may be flushable because the product is completely biodegradable. Natural litters are lower in dust and tracking than others, so this is a better choice for cats with respiratory issues. Natural products will neutralize the odors right in the box. Some cats will resist the corn litter, if that is the case try another natural litter such as the pine pellets.

Clay litter is the most common litter used.  Clay litter is very dusty, when you change the litter or when the cat uses it, there will be large clouds of dust. This is not healthy for you or your cat to inhale. It is a great absorber of urine, but since it is not clumping you must change the whole litter box at least once a week. Clay litter is one of the least expensive litters out there.

Crystal litter is the most expensive choice out there. It has the highest absorbency of any cat litter, however when saturated the urine can pool at the bottom. It is not as environmentally friendly as other litters.
Clumping or Non-Clumping?

Clumping is probably one of the most popular litters out there. Clumping litter is more environmentally friendly than clay because you so not have to empty the box every week. Urine and fecal ball clumps can easily be scooped out. Most manufacturers add some sort of odor control to the litter. The only down fall to clumping is that it can be tracked outside the box, it is recommended to put some sort of mat outside of the box.

Make an informed choice when starting your new kitten out in a type of litter, and continue to use that type for the life of your cat. Cats can be choosy about litters so resist changing they type of litter your cat has become use to.