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Is your dog saying “I Love you”


February is a month all about love. People are sending roses to each other, kids are making hearts, but how is your dog saying I love you. New research suggests that dogs do in fact experience feelings of love and affection. Scientist have begun studying the brain of dogs with the use of an MRI and their studies have shown that dogs do indeed love us back.

Dogs communicate their emotions in a variety of ways. Although we often train our dogs not to jump on us but it’s one of their many ways of showing they love us. Another nasty trait we often yell at our dogs for doing is sniffing someone’s crotch. It may be awkward and embarrassing to us but to them it’s showing affection. Luckily there are less embarrassing ways our dogs show they love us, those licks all over our face, when they follow you around wherever you go and of course that really excited tail wag when they see you. If you ever think you caught your dog flashing his pearly whites, you were right, a dog’s smile shows signs of love and affection.  Those moments when they lean on you, lay down by your feet and even when the curl up next to you in bed, all times they are expressing their love.

Our pets show us every day how much they love us. Rub their tummy, pet them behind the ears or play with them make sure they know how much you love them.