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Loudoun County, Virginia Dog Resource Guide

Local Laws and Ordinances that Affect Dog Owners

Humane Societies and Animal Shelters

  • Humane Society of Loudoun County Society (HSLC) - The Loudoun County Humane Society was founded in 1966 and is a no-kill animal welfare organization. In addition to finding homes for needy animals, the HSLC works to influence animal welfare legislation.
  • Loudoun County Animal Shelter - The Loudoun County Animal Shelter is located at 39820 Charles Town Pike, Waterford. The Loudoun County Animal Shelter can house 45 dogs and 90 cats simultaneously. It also maintains two pastures for livestock. Local schools and civic groups may request a tour or presentation. Tours or presentations must be requested at least 30 days in advance.

Other Dog Organizations and Ideas That We Support

  • Falcon Ridge Recreation Center - The Falcon Ridge Recreation Center is a 26-acre farm in Leesburg near the Broadlands community that will serve as the ultimate playground for people and their canine companions. In April 2007, Jason Jacks, a reporter for the Times Community Newspapers, wrote an informative article about the Falcon Ridge Recreation Center that further explains the different services the center will bring to the community.
  • Leesburg Canine Country Club - The Leesburg Canine Country Club is a social club for dog owners and their best friends in Leesburg.
  • Paws4people - Paws4people is a unique organization based in Round Hill, Virginia. Paws4people brings therapy dogs together with students, seniors, and the seriously ill. The group offers a wide variety of programs to fit the special needs of each person to just the right dog. This wonderful and a very unique organization is difficult to explain in a just a few sentences. Read the paws4people mission station to learn more about its goals.
Susan and Jacob D’Aniello
Susan and Jacob D’Aniello
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