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Business News Daily: November 30, 2015 Many people dream of starting their own business, of turning a hobby or a quirky interest into an entrepreneurial opportunity. For some this means creating a business from the ground up, but for others it’s a matter of finding an existing franchise whose products, services and mission align with READ MORE>>


Huffington Post Australia: November 11, 2015 Got a wacky idea for a small business and everyone’s telling you you’re nuts? Don’t listen! The kookiest ideas are sometimes the best ones. Take Gary Dahl for example — back in 1975, the entrepreneur made millions selling pet rocks. Yes, rocks. Complete with care instructions and air holes READ MORE>>


The MetroWest Daily News: April 20, 2015 Jack Sheehy, owner of the Sudbury franchise of DoodyCalls, a pooper-scooper service, has a favorite motto for the company: “Business stinks, but it’s picking up.” Can I hear a rimshot please? One can imagine that poop jokes abound for a company that proclaims itself to be No. 1 READ MORE>>


WCVB 5: March 18, 2015 Pet owners may be surprised to see just what is lurking under all that snow once it melts this spring. A pet waste management company is offering a low-tech service for an age-old problem: Picking up poop. “This is the time when people walk into their yards and realize it’s READ MORE>>


Columbia Star: January, 30, 2015 The way Jeff Bolen tells it, his business of picking up is continuing to pick up. Bolen, a Midlands builder, also is owner of the local franchise of Doody Calls (doodycalls.com/ south- carol inacolumbia/), an animal waste removal service now in its fourth year. Larry Little, who attends to the READ MORE>>


KRQE News 13: January 23, 2015 People running around the Academy area, no longer have to step over a nasty problem. People walking their dogs along the trail around academy were refusing to pick up their pet’s waste. Runners and walkers were tired of it. So now Doody-Calls Pet Waste Management has stepped in. They READ MORE>>


InsideNoVA: May 13, 2014 DoodyCalls, the nationwide dog waste removal business, is unveiling its newest program this week in Virginia: The Doody-Free Water Project. With sights set on raising awareness about the importance of pet waste pickup and expanding public access to pet waste bags, the new initiative is donating 250,000 pet waste bags to READ MORE>>


San Mateo County Times: 05/02/2014 DoodyCalls in San Carlos, a pet waste removal and disposal service owned by Paulette and Rick Nava, is participating in a national campaign to keep dog waste out of local waterways by raising awareness about the impact the waste has on the environment. The Navas, who have been providing pet waste READ MORE>>


Tails Magazine: APRIL 29, 2014 We all know that unscooped poop is annoying, but did you know that it is also a huge environmental hazard? In communities throughout the nation, dog waste is seeping into water supplies and contaminating everything in its wake. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average dog discards approximately ¾ pounds READ MORE>>


SF Bay Guardian: April 29, 2014   Professional pooper-scooper company DoodyCalls has launched a contest to award Northern California parks and public spaces 250,000 free “doggie bags” for owners to clean up after their pets. Titling it the Doody Free Water Project, the company wants to build a movement to help keep contaminating waste out of READ MORE>>

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