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Business News Daily: November 30, 2015 Many people dream of starting their own business, of turning a hobby or a quirky interest into an entrepreneurial opportunity. For some this means creating a business from the ground up, but for others it’s a matter of finding an existing franchise whose products, services and mission align with READ MORE>>


Huffington Post Australia: November 11, 2015 Got a wacky idea for a small business and everyone’s telling you you’re nuts? Don’t listen! The kookiest ideas are sometimes the best ones. Take Gary Dahl for example — back in 1975, the entrepreneur made millions selling pet rocks. Yes, rocks. Complete with care instructions and air holes READ MORE>>


The MetroWest Daily News: April 20, 2015 Jack Sheehy, owner of the Sudbury franchise of DoodyCalls, a pooper-scooper service, has a favorite motto for the company: “Business stinks, but it’s picking up.” Can I hear a rimshot please? One can imagine that poop jokes abound for a company that proclaims itself to be No. 1 READ MORE>>


WCVB 5: March 18, 2015 Pet owners may be surprised to see just what is lurking under all that snow once it melts this spring. A pet waste management company is offering a low-tech service for an age-old problem: Picking up poop. “This is the time when people walk into their yards and realize it’s READ MORE>>


Columbia Star: January, 30, 2015 The way Jeff Bolen tells it, his business of picking up is continuing to pick up. Bolen, a Midlands builder, also is owner of the local franchise of Doody Calls (doodycalls.com/ south- carol inacolumbia/), an animal waste removal service now in its fourth year. Larry Little, who attends to the READ MORE>>


KRQE News 13: January 23, 2015 People running around the Academy area, no longer have to step over a nasty problem. People walking their dogs along the trail around academy were refusing to pick up their pet’s waste. Runners and walkers were tired of it. So now Doody-Calls Pet Waste Management has stepped in. They READ MORE>>