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Stafford Co Sun

Stafford County Sun: Dec 21, 2012 Around this time of the year, a particular local business is on the mind of many dog owners — DoodyCalls pooper scooper service. The business serves the local areas including Stafford, Fredericksburg and parts of Prince William County. Something that many people fail to realize is that dog waste is READ MORE>>


Nashville Ledger: Aug 3, 2012  You’ve heard the expression, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Several Tennessee entrepreneurs are combining that cliché with another (with a slight modification) – “Poop happens” – and the result is that businessmen are turning droppings into dollars. Two pooper-scooper companies, both based in Rutherford County, are now competing to READ MORE>>


Mother Nature Network: Sun, Jul 29, 2012 Americans love their dogs. But picking up after them? Not so much. Here’s why we should scoop the poop. 


WACH-TV FOX Columbia SC: 07.19.2012 Of course pollution is an ongoing issue, but one pollutant that transmits bacteria and parasites into our waterways, potentially effecting our health, might be overlooked. That pollutant is pet waste, and experts say it can create a problem when it is not disposed of properly. “When it rains, that waste READ MORE>>


KPIX-TV CBS San Francisco: May 2012 Geese have taken over Marlin Park in Redwood City, and what they’re leaving behind has become a major problem Watch segment at KPIX-TV >>

NY Daily News

New York Daily News: APRIL 21, 2012 America’s dogs poop 10 million tons a year, a  potential health hazard, waste firm finds. It’s enough to fill a line of fully-loaded tractor trailers stretching from Seattle to Boston Man’s best friend can be crappy for the environment. The 78 million dogs in America collectively produce 10 million tons READ MORE>>


The Huffington Post: 4/21/2012 Most Earth Day celebrations focus on the dangers of man-made pollutants. The contributions of animals get pushed under the carpet. Hopefully, that carpet is metaphorical, because American canines pump out 10 million tons of dog poop each year — enough to fill 3,800 trucks stretching from Seattle to Boston, according to information READ MORE>>


Bloomberg Businessweek: April 10, 2012 Jacob D’Aniello, co-founder and chief executive officer of DoodyCalls, can imagine only one scenario in which his business could fail. “If one day, everybody in the world woke up and decided they loved picking up dog poop,” he says grimly. “If it suddenly became everybody’s favorite recreational activity, that would READ MORE>>

patch VEC

Charlestown Patch: March 21, 2012 Whenever more than 15,000 people of widely varying demographics call the same single square mile “home,” there are bound to be conflicts. Remarkably, Charlestown is consistently rated one of the safest neighborhoods in Boston. Nevertheless, one conflict stubbornly remains.  I am of course referring to the errant medium-to-large sized piles of READ MORE>>


WZZM 13, ABC Grand Rapid MI: March 15, 2012 It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. We’re talking about picking up after your dog. As WZZM 13’s Sarah Sell found out, it’s a year-round job that you don’t have to do. Just ask Dave Hunt. “A lot of people assume that people just READ MORE>>