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FOX Business: October 27, 2011 Remember when your mother told you no one would clean up after you? Well, she was kind of wrong. (Sorry, mom.) These days, it’s easy to find people willing to carry out your everyday tasks – and not just the common ones, either. From hiring someone to pick up your READ MORE>>


AOL News: Oct 7th 2011 When Allison Manderino graduated in 2008 with a degree in lab-based animal sciences and a specialization in biotechnology she was chock-full of hope. She had a college degree, in the sciences no less. She would be an in-demand property, riding through the recession on her stellar credentials. Manderino got married, READ MORE>>


Franchise Chatter: July 20, 2011 Betcha didn’t know there’s a huge market potential for pet waste removal (estimated at $2.8 billion a year) — I certainly didn’t.  When I first heard about DoodyCalls, I honestly wasn’t sure if this was a serious business opportunity.  But I changed my mind real quick when I read the READ MORE>>


The Wall Street Journal: May 2, 2011 Some businesses thrive off the “ick” factor – those unpleasant tasks in life that need to get done. Take pet-waste removal, for instance. Start-ups with clever names such as Dr. Scoopy Poo, Entre-Manure LLC, Yucko’s, Grand Poobah and Call of Doodie are growing in number, according to a recent READ MORE>>


The Wall Street Journal: April 30, 2011 With licks and wags, two huskies, Rocky and Sophie, greet Ron Vecchio at the 10th stop on his Tuesday route. They know that in the four minutes it takes him to flick their backyard droppings into a debris pail, he’ll toss them some dog biscuits. Ron and his wife, READ MORE>>


The San Francisco Chronicle: April 22, 2011 Waste not, want not. Picking up pet poo may not be high on your “things-I-love-to-do” list, but it’s a basic tenant of being a responsible pet owner and a considerate neighbor. (HINT: When your dog poops in the cover of darkness, it’s still there, exactly where you left it, READ MORE>>


The Washington Business Journal: Feb 18, 2011 D’Aniello was a financial systems designer for a billion-dollar technology consultancy. His then-girlfriend, Susan, was prepping for a nursing degree at Johns Hopkins University. In 2000, the pair parlayed that expertise into a new startup business plan: scooping dog poop for businesses and residents who couldn’t or wouldn’t READ MORE>>


The Daily Progress: January 24, 2011 A Charlottesville-based company has a cleaning solution for cat owners who don’t like to clean up their furry one’s waste. DoodyCalls, a national pet waste removal company, has expanded its services to help cat owners. For a weekly fee starting at $15, company employees will come to a client’s READ MORE>>


The San Francisco Chronicle: January 18, 2011 Peninsula cat owners who are squeamish about cleaning out the litter box have reason to rejoice! Bay Area business owners, Rick and Paulette Nava of DoodyCalls have officially extended their pet poop-removal business to include cats. It’s a savvy move considering that felines outnumber their canine counterparts by READ MORE>>