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Small Business Opportunities
Franchising Today
December 2006
...Many franchisees that aren't necessarily targeted at the elderly nevertheless are realizing the benefits of making them a significant part of their business...
Small Business Opportunities  The Oregonian
Here's the scoop on diverting dog waste
November 30, 2006
Dog waste is Alan Pietrovito's business. As owner of Portland's Doody Calls franchise, he's a professional pooper scooper. Yes, he's heard all the jokes. And in the year he's been in business, he's been surprised by the lack of responsibility many people take with pet waste...more...
When Doody Calls
November 2006
If you have a dog, chances are you’ve got dog doody. No one enjoys the clean up associated with dog doody, at least no one I know, until I spoke with Keith Walkley who does it for a living!...more...
Boston Business Journal
Pet Waste Franchise Picks Up in Massachusetts
October 13-19, 2006
Paul and Angela Delaney run a crappy business - they know it, they love it, and they intend to turn a profit from it...
Associated Press
Dog Poop-Scooping Business Is No Waste
October 4, 2006
Doug Barnhart was so repulsed by the notion of picking up dog poop that he hired a service to do it. But he is gradually overcoming his revulsion now that he's planning to open his own scoop shop later this year in Virginia Beach, VA...more...
Home Business The Home-Based Entrepreneur's Magazine
Going Above and Beyond the Call of Doody
October, 2006
Dogs are lovable companions that curl up to you on cold nights, excitedly greet you at the front door after you've returned from the grocery store, willingly play fetch, with your kids at a moment's notice, and make you feel safe when you're home alone. It's no wonder they make perfect additions to any family. If only they didn't poop so much!...more...
The Washington Post
Making It
The road to success can be paved with junk and dog poop
September 10, 2006
Mark Rubin is restless, and that has made him a lot of money.
After spending many years working as a computer consultant around the world, Mark returned to Washington in 2000 to marry his high school sweetheart. Soon he was on the move again...more...
Manassas Journal Messenger
When "doody" calls, they answer
September 7, 2006
A local couple is picking up where Fido left off.
When nature calls, local husband and wife entrepreneurs Elton and Tiffany Becker answer the call...more...
Buffalo Business First
Dog waste pays off for ex-WNYer
September 1-7, 2006
Jacob D'Aniello is a hit at most cocktail parties.
The former Kenmore resident always gets a chuckle or two when he tells people what he does for a living.
D'Aniello, 29, and his wife, Susan, run DoodyCalls...more...
Hartford Courant
They've Got The Scoop: There's Cash In Dog Poop
July 28, 2006
If you thought your dog's poop was worthless, think again.
Keith Walkley is getting closer to his ultimate dream job, one scoop of poop at a time. Literally.
Co-owner of DoodyCalls, a pet-waste disposal franchise based in Plainville, Walkley and partner Paul Stansel launched their business this month.
Richmond Times-Dispatch
When Doody Calls
Leaving pet cleanup to the pros
July 7, 2006
Your dog's business is becoming big business.
For DoodyCalls and the growing pet-waste removal industry, paying someone to pick up your pet's presents is no more ridiculous than hiring somebody to cut the grass, wash the car or scrub the house.
Portland Tribune
Man Hopes to become No. 1 in No. 2 Business
Ex-techie entrepreneur sees opportunity in those backyard piles
July 6, 2006
The guy who got his MBA in London, the guy who a decade ago was a computer network engineer for the Pentagon, now carefully crisscrosses backyards throughout Portland. He carries an extended garden shovel in one hand, a modified dustpan in the other...more...
The Patriot Ledger
You can't pooh pooh their work
Milton couple hope to make a pile with pooper scooper service.
April 21, 2006
As if dogs aren’t pampered enough, there is a new service available throughout the South Shore that could make your dog truly feel like the king of the house.
When Milton resident Paul Delaney and his wife, Angela, bought the first Doody Calls franchise in Massachusetts a year ago, they joined a fast-growing industry of pooper scooper services.
The Arizona Republic
DoodyCalls: Finding a gold mine in dog poop
April 19, 2006
The inspiration came in 2000, when Jacob D'Aniello was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the outskirts of Washington.
He heard a man talking on the radio about his job, which entailed picking up dog waste from neighbors' yards. D'Aniello was dissatisfied with his work as an information technology consultant and looking for a second job that would bring in some extra cash to pay off student loans...more...
The Boston Globe
Not-so-sweet smell of success
Increasingly, busy households hiring firms to scour their yards and pick up after dogs.
April 18, 2006
First came the nannies, the dog walkers, the housecleaners, the landscapers. Now crews are handling another outsourced home task—removing a dog's leftovers from lawns.
The names of the businesses say it all: DoodyCalls, a national franchise, opened a branch south of Boston last year.
Franchise Times
Got service, will franchise?
April, 2006
...Wile most of DoodyCalls business is residential, a growing percentage of commercial clients-such as apartment complexes-are joining the mix, and this is one area the franchise provides a competitive edge.
...Mark Rubin, a DoodyCalls franchise in Maryland, also forecasts strong growth trends and adds, "In niche services that are unsavory or perceived as unsavory there's a tremendous opportunity to provide a service in fragmented markets that are served by unprofessionals or not served at all."
The Roanoke Times
Waste businesses clean up
Their work is dirty, and that's just the way they like it.
March 7, 2006
"There's hundreds of people doing this across the country," said Jacob D'Aniello, who founded DoodyCalls with his wife, Susan, in 2000. And there's a pile of work to be done. "Anytime you have 40 percent of the population doing something they don't want to do, there should be someone to take care of it," he said...more...
Mobile Enterprise
Case Study: Going to the Dogs
Using software and GPS technology, a national pooper-scooper business takes care of dogs’ business
March 1, 2006
The franchise launch prompted D’Aniello to find more efficient tools for conducting the business. “I had to figure out a way to monitor timesheets and payroll better to optimize routes,” he says. In addition, he and his wife moved farther away from the office, and they needed a better way to keep track of their team’s activities.
The company chose Gearworks’ etrace...more...
Wall Street Journal
The Joys of Juggling
For the multitasking franchiser, owning more than one type of business can help all the businesses
January 30, 2006
...Similarly, Claudine and Mark Rubin figured that many of the same people who used their junk-removal franchise would also hire them to pick up after their dogs. The husband-and-wife duo in Gaithersburg, Md., are franchisees for 1-800-Got-Junk?, a junk-removal business based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and for DoodyCalls, a pet-waste-removal company with headquarters in Palmyra, Va...
The Baltimore Sun
Picking up where Fido left off
January 1, 2006
It's not exactly the career Sam Amoah envisioned when he emigrated 10 years ago as an English teacher from West Africa. Back then, he never thought a dog's business was anyone's business, much less a profit and a franchise.
The Washington Post
In Dogged Pursuit of a State of Serenity
December 26, 2005
...Debbie Crowe achieves a meditative state. What she's going for, she says, is the Zen doctrine of "no-mind," which she describes as "kind of a whiteout." Her hands are busy but her mind is blank, like the mind of a Buddhist monk. Her shoes get dirty but she, Debbie Crowe, remains clean...more...
The Cavalier Daily
Pink Flamingos
December 2, 2005
As the Cavalier Daily prepares to go out of production for the semester, we leave you with our recap of the semester in the form of the coveted Pink Flamingo "awards."
The Washington Post
Working at Home: Need for Services Expands with Number of Two-Earner Households
September 19, 2005
It takes a heap of living, a poet once said, to make a house a home. How last-century that seems today, when it requires a veritable business park to keep many a modern household humming...more...
University of Virginia: Arts and Sciences
August 1, 2005
When University students dream about making their mark on the world, they look to successful graduates as examples -- doctors, lawyers, educators, scientists, artists and pooper-scoopers.....more...
The Hook
Home shopping network: These companies come to you
July 21, 2005
It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. Fortunately, that someone no longer needs to be you thanks to UVA grads Jacob and Susan D'Aniello who started pooper scooping business Doody Calls three years ago in Northern Virginia and opened a Charlottesville office in March....more...
Gaithersburg Gazette
Regional Franchise Cleans Up After Pets
June 8, 2005
Picking up what Fido drops. Equipped with shovels and plastic bags, Mark and Claudine Rubin are answering nature's call.....more...
The Washington Times
Pet project picks up
January 10, 2005
Forgive Jacob D'Aniello if he is dog-tired. He has spent nearly five years building his pooper-scooper business from a weekend job with a few clients into a full-time operation with five employees....more...
The Daily ProgressCharlottesville Business Journal
Scooping the market
November 8, 2004
Company cleaning up by eliminating messes left behind by clients' canines...more...
The Daily News Transcript
Cleaning up after Fido
November 4, 2003
DoodyCalls and Brian McCann has answered...It's a dog waste removal business aptly named, DoodyCalls...more...
The Washington Times
The not-so-sweet smell of success
January 10, 2003
Jacob D'Aniello's weekend job stinks. He and his fiance, Susan Otis, started Doody Calls in the summer of 2000 to answer nature's call and remove pet waste for homeowners with no time or interest in such dutiful tasks.
Virginia Business Review
When DoodyCalls, This Duo Answers
October 2001
D'Aniello, who holds an economics degree, has shunned big business high finance for what may be the perfect job—professional pooper-scooper.
Times Community Newspaper
When Nature Calls, DoodyCalls
August 15, 2001
Local couple starts pooper scooper business. Wearing his tan work boots and armed with a long-handled dustpan and a shovel, Centreville resident Jacob D'Aniello carefully makes his way around the backyard of a dog owner.


Television top
ABC News  Fox 5 News - Washington, DC
What Makes You Mad: Dog Doo
21 Nov 2006
Stepping in mud is bad. Stepping in gum is worse. The worst? Stepping in dog “mess.” That mess is what makes you mad this week. We put the spotlight on some inconsiderate pet owner's and Fox 5's Melanie Alnwick went looking for a solution to the stinky situation...more...
October 5, 2006
DoodyCalls launched in 2000 with two University of Virginia graduates who picked up dog waste on weekends...more...
Business Profits from Scooping Doggy Waste
July 29, 2006
Its a messy job But somebody's got to do it. and if you don't want that person to be you. There's a new service popping up around Connecticut. So, you've got a dog and that friendly pooch leaves some friendly little presents around your yard. Enter Keith Walkley. he owns a Hartford franchise Of a business called "DoodyCalls." They show up And clean up The messes fido leaves on your lawn every week. How does a business like this get started you ask?
ABC News  ABC News Now, Money Matters
Business Profits from Scooping Doggy Waste
January 2006
DoodyCalls founder Jacob D'Aniello talks about his company and discusses the past, present, and future for the emerging pet waste removal industry...more...
WHDH-7 News Boston  WHDH-7 News Boston
December 6, 2005
Dog owners, listen up. There's a new service that can give your yard a clean sweep. "Doody Calls" can turn your dog's dumping ground into green acres...more....
When nature calls, they answer.
August 16, 2005
Owners Susan and Jacob D'Aniello help Charlottesville residents keep their yards tidy.
Dog Owners: "You Poop, We Scoop"
August 10, 2005
Because dogs just can't clean up after themselves, one local company is doing doody duty, and their business is cleaning up...more...
WCVB-TV Boston, Channel 5 Chronicle
Time Savers
November 16, 2004
DoodyCalls helps busy professionals spend less time picking up.
CNBC, The Nightly News with Brian Williams
Creative Jobs in a Tough Economy
June, 2003
Jacob and Susan have taken advantage in the surge in the pet services indudustry while much of the economy continues to struggle.


Radio top
i98FM (Illawarra, Australia)
Marty and Erica
July 20, 2006

Jacob D'Aniello educates Aussie's about the art of picking up poop. Link to website.

106.9 The Fox (Virginia Beach)
DoodyCalls Announces Plans to Come to Virginia Beach
July 13, 2006

John and Leila talk with Jacob D'Aniello about the company, service, and expansion plans.

Listen to the interview: MP3 - 2.89Mb

Picking Up After Dogs is Local Man's 'Doody'
March 20, 2006

If you're a pet owner, it's part of the job -- probably the least fun part. Your dog's waste is Jacob D'Aniello's bread and butter. D'Aniello is the owner of DoodyCalls, the first poop-scooping franchise in the country...more...

Listen to the interview: Version 1 | Version 2

WMAL News Talk 630
News Story
May 6, 2005
Maryland franchise partner Claudine Rubin is interviewed on WMAL 630 Washington about her business. Listen to the interview
Entrepreneur Radio
Franchise Opportunities
April 13, 2005
Jacob D'Aniello, President of DoodyCalls talks about the DoodyCalls franchise system. Listen to the interview
WBIX Business  1060 Early Exchange, Hosted by Dave Anthony and Bonnie Bleidt
Unique Small Business Day
November 13, 2003
Featured small business owner Brian McCann talks about an exciting new service he has brought to MA residents.
Listen to the interview: Real Audio | Windows Media Player


Other top
WMAL News Talk 630  What Would Rob Do?
What Would You Do? After Stepping in Dog Poop?
December 2006
NPR's Rob Sachs talks about life's sticky situations and how turn them into an opportunity for adventure, growth, or at the very least--laughter. In this episode Rob talks with Jacob D'Aniello, Founder of DoodyCalls, a national pet waste removal franchise. Listen to the interview.
Dog Business is Big Business
July 10, 2006
There are some people you know you can count on to…uh…take care of business when doody comes-a-falling...more...
Franchise Trade
Pet Waste Removal a Franchise that's Really Cleaning Up
July 10, 2006

If there's ever been a service industry that has encouraged and thoroughly enjoyed the use of puns, it's pet waste removal: Wholly Krap K-9 Waste Removal Service; Stinkies; Have Doggie, We'll Doo!; and Dog-Gone Doo-Doo. And these pet waste removal businesses have been -- forgive the added pun -- increasingly "pooping" up all over...more...

Telecom Junkies - Podcast
GPS Loaded Cell Phones
May 11, 2006
DoodyCalls President and Founder, Jacob D'Aniello, talks with telecommunications industry leaders about how DoodyCalls uses GPS technology to improve their operations...more...
The Telecom Manager's Voice Report
Pooper Scooper Service Seeking Franchises
May 8, 2006
DoodyCalls President and Founder, Jacob D'Aniello, discusses how DoodyCalls uses GPS technology to improve their operations...more...  Podcast
You can't make this stuff up
May 7, 2006
It's called DoodyCalls....Jacob D'Aniello decided there was a market niche for a particular job specialty...more...
Pooper Scooper Service Seeking Franchises
January 3, 2005
DoodyCalls, a successful pet pooper scooper service based in Charlottesville, Virginia, is now franchising nationwide.
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